Fresh Produce

Nt Mango K.​P. Per Kg
$15.00 per kg
Nt Mango K.​P. Per Kg 10k
$130.00 each
Nt Mango R2e2 10kg
$45.00 each
Nt Mango R2e2 Per Kg
$5.95 per kg
Nt Mango R2e2. 5kg
$27.50 each
Nt Nambula Raw Honey 1kg Jar
$20.00 each
Nt Nambula Raw Honey 500g Jar
$10.00 each
Nt Nambula Raw Honey 500g Squeez
$10.00 each
Nwa Baby King Oyster Mushrm 300g
$7.90 each
Nwa Pearl Mushroom 400g
$12.75 each
Organic Kale
$3.50 each
Oyster Mushroom 150g
$7.20 each
Paldo Kimchi Bag 2kg
$28.00 each
Paldo Kimchi Bottle 2kg
$33.00 each
Red Centre Honey Creamed 500g
$16.50 each
Red Centre Honey Manuka 500g
$25.00 each
Red Jade Mini Mooncake Black Sesame 6pc
$11.50 each
Red Jade Mini Mooncake Mung Bean 6pc
$11.50 each
Rj Black Sesame Candy 200g
was $5.00 $4.50 each
Rj Golden Bread Yau Char Kawai
$6.00 each
Rj Mini Mooncake White Lotus 6pc
$11.50 each
Rj Mooncake White Lotus 2yolk Pc
$10.30 each
Rj Peanut Candy 200g
$5.00 each
Rj Sesame Candy 200g
$5.00 each
Safari Biltong Original 100g
$10.20 each
Safari Biltong Peri Peri 100g
$10.20 each
Sgr Radish Cube 4 Fry Chicken 200g
$3.00 each
Sudan Cous Cous Local Made
$10.00 each
Tang Ho Per Kg
$12.50 per kg
Tp Handmade Zong Zi Pc
$6.65 each
Ttc Banh Uot Rolled Noodle 1kg
$8.60 each
Ttc Meat Banh Cuon Thit 1kg
$13.95 each
Ttc Rice Starch Banh Canh Bot Gao 1kg
$9.90 each
Vh Pork Skin Strips 200g
$9.50 each
Wang Seoul Kimchi 600g
$9.80 each
Wing Far Taiwan Maltose Pastry 50gx5pc
$8.50 each
Withus Oyster Mushroom 150g
$7.20 each
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