Instant Noodles

Paldo Il Poom Jjajang 200g*​4pk
$10.75 each
Nongshim Tempura Udon Soup Ndl 5pk
$12.35 each
Ottogi Jin Jjamppong Ramen 130g*​4pk
$13.20 each
Paldo Stir Fry Chicken Noodle 130gx4pk
$9.50 each
Samyang Hot Chicken Carbonara 5pk
$12.15 each
Samyang Hot Chicken Jjajang 5pk
$11.50 each
Samyang Hot Chicken Noodle 5pk
$11.15 each
Nong Shim Shin Ramyun Noodles 5pack Instant Noodles 600g
$8.05 each
Paldo Jajangmyun 4pk
$10.60 each
Vifon Bun Rieu Cua Crab Soup80g
$2.50 each
Vifon Phnom Penh Hu Tieu Nam Vang 60g
$2.35 each
Good Vermicelli Chicken 57g
$1.45 each
Good Vermicelli Spare Ribs 56g
$1.45 each
Mrk Japan Tonkatsu Noodle 5pk
$8.25 each
Nongshim Chapaguri 140gx5pk
$13.20 each
Nongshim Neoguri Stirfry Ndl4pk
$11.55 each
Nongshim Ojingeo Jjampong Ndl 124gx5pk
$11.15 each
Nongshim Shin Black Tofu Kimchi 4pk
$13.20 each
Ricey Hu Tieu Pork Spareribs 70gx4pk
$6.65 each
Ricey Pho Ga Chk 70gx4pk
$8.75 each
Samyang Hot Chicken Cheese 140gx5pk
$11.20 each
Sy Hot Chicken Mild Lovely 140gx5pk
$11.50 each
Vifon Bean Thread Crab 50g
$2.35 each
Acecook Ramen Shoyu Chicken 90g
$1.80 each
Baijia Akua Broad Noodle Sour Spicy 115g
$2.65 each
Baijia Fei Chang Vermicelli 108g
$2.45 each
Baijia Hot&​Sour Vermicelli 105g
$2.45 each
Baijia Mustard Vermicelli 110g
$2.35 each
Baijia Spicy Hotpot Vermicelli 105g
$2.45 each
Bl Fried Kwetiaw Goreng 67g
$1.45 each
Cung Dinh Dyr Noodle Salted Egg 90gx4pk
$6.75 each
Cung Dinh Pho Ga Chicken 70gx5pk
$7.50 each
Cung Dinh Salty Egg Crab 4pk
$6.75 each
Fmf Chow Noodle Tomato 85gx5pk
$4.90 each
Good Chicken Gift 12pk
$17.00 each
Good Spare Ribs Gift 12pk
$17.00 each
Good Tomyum Gift 12pk
$17.00 each
Good Vermicelli Tomyum 62g
$1.45 each
Hakata Tonkatsu Ramen 185g
$7.25 each
Hao Hao Chicken Noodle 75gx5pk
$5.50 each
Hao Hao Kimchi Noodle 77gx5pk
$5.95 each
Hao Hao Sate Onion 75gx5pk
$5.50 each
Higashimaru Tonkotsu Ramen 78.​5gx5pk
$6.60 each
Ina Pan Mee Malacca Nyonya Laksa
$9.75 each
Ina Pan Mee Prawn Noodle 5pk
$9.75 each
Indomie Noodle Kari Ayam 5pk
$4.55 each
Kagoshima Tonkatsu Ramen 185g
$7.25 each
Lau Thai Shrimp Noodle 78gx5pk
$5.95 each
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