Gawler Boil Chicken
$7.15 each
Tuaus Thinly Slice Beef 1kg
$28.00 each
Chicken Feet Vaccum Bag /​Kg
$7.95 per kg
Osmile Classic Pork Bun 4pcs
$7.75 each
Osmile Mushroom Pork Balls 430g
$12.85 each
Osmile Spicy Pork Bun 4pcs
$7.75 each
Laurel Fish Dumpling 108g
$6.30 each
Searoy Hot Pot Mix Ball 1kg
$21.60 each
Sunny Frozen Chilli Red 500g
$6.95 each
Golden Voyge Basa Cutlets 800g
$11.95 each
Laurel Cuttlefish Dumpling 120g
$6.30 each
Sunny Japan Sweet Potato 1kg
$7.65 each
Sunny Dim Sum Set(​5) 450g
$13.50 each
Vinays Plain Paratha 30pc
$17.25 each
Sunny Cassava Leaves 500g
$5.95 each
Sunny Frozen Pandan Leaf 200g
$3.95 each
Sunny Ha Kao Dumpling 400g
$12.60 each
Sunny Spanish Mackerel Cut 500g
$15.50 each
Tilapia Gilled Gutted Scaled 6/​8 /​Kg
$8.75 each (approx.) $12.50 per kg
Dr Fish Cake 150+​150g
$5.15 each
Frozen Pork Feet Per Kg
$7.50 per kg
No.​1 Wonton Skin Yellow 500g
$5.50 each
Osmile Chicken Mushroom Bun 4pcs
$7.75 each
Osmile Prawn Pork Wonton 350g
$9.75 each
Sunny Crushed Cassava 1kg
$6.95 each
Sunny Cut Lemongrass 500g
$4.35 each
Sunny Frozen Galangal 200g
$3.35 each
Sunny Mixed Ball Plain 1kg
$17.80 each
Sunny Thai Fish Cake 1kg
$17.80 each
Vimal Okra Cut 340g
$3.30 each
Ak Hot Pot Steamboat Mix 1kg
$19.20 each
Hakka Fried Tofu Puff 190g
$7.00 each
Jfn Pork Gyoza 600g(​30pc)
$23.50 each
Js Pork Cabbage Dumpling 500g
$8.85 each
Kitagawa Donuts White 50g
$5.20 each
Madam Wong Thai Durian Seed 454g
$23.90 each
Osmile Cabbage Pork Bun 4pcs
$7.75 each
Osmile Classic Pork Balls 430g
$12.85 each
Soft Bones Pork Per Kg
$14.50 per kg
Sunny Cassava Whole 1kg
$6.75 each
Sunny Fish Ball 1kg
$16.95 each
Sunny Fish Tofu 1kg
$18.50 each
Sunny Kachai Lesser Ginger 100g
$2.95 each
Sunny Prawn Shao Mai 900g
$25.75 each
Sunny Taro 800g
$8.95 each
Tf Taiwan Gwa Bao 45gx10pc
$8.95 each
Tuaus Thick Cut Beef 2.​5mm 1kg
$26.35 each
Tyj Spring Roll Pastry 30pk
$6.90 each
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