Fresh Produce

Jackfruit Per Kg
$146.00 each
Nt Mango K.​P. Per Kg 10k
$130.00 each
Darwin Mango Keitt/​Palmer 10kg
$75.00 each
Green Mango-Sweet 5k
$55.00 each
Nt Mango R2e2 10kg
$45.00 each
Darwin Local Mango 10k
$45.00 each
Fresh Durian Whole
$40.00 per kg
Wang Whole Cabbage Kimchi Namdo 5kg
$37.00 each
Paldo Kimchi Bottle 2kg
$33.00 each
Paldo Kimchi Bag 2kg
$28.00 each
Nt Mango R2e2. 5kg
$27.50 each
Darwin Local Mango 5k
$27.50 each
Red Centre Honey Manuka 500g
$25.00 each
Fresh Ginger Aged Per Kg
$25.00 per kg
Koryo Jokbal Pork Hock Hot & Spicy 600g
$22.50 each
Natural Ethiopian Flatbread 10pc
$22.00 each
Chive Per Kg
$22.00 per kg
Nt Nambula Raw Honey 1kg Jar
$20.00 each
Natural Kisra 20pc
$20.00 each
Ginger Young Per Kg
$19.95 per kg
Is Taro Egg Yolk Mooncake
$18.95 each
Is Redbean Matcha Mooncake 4pc
$18.95 each
Is Matcha Egg Yolk Mooncake 4pc
$18.95 each
Is Lava Custard Mooncake 4pc
$18.95 each
Is Creamy Custard Mooncake 4pc
$18.95 each
Paldo Kimchi Bottle 1kg
$18.25 each
Hty Mooncake Egg Taro 2pk
$17.50 each
Viet Huong Pork Roll 500g
$16.95 each
Snake Bean Per Kg
$16.50 per kg
Red Centre Honey Creamed 500g
$16.50 each
$16.50 per kg
Wang Seoul Kimchi 1.​2kg
$15.60 each
Taro Per Kg
$15.50 per kg
Peel Garlic 1kg
$15.00 each
Nt Mango K.​P. Per Kg
$15.00 per kg
Plantain Bananas Per Kg
$14.50 per kg
Ttc Meat Banh Cuon Thit 1kg
$13.95 each
Green Mango-Sour Per Kg
$13.00 per kg
Nwa Pearl Mushroom 400g
$12.75 each
Tang Ho Per Kg
$12.50 per kg
Jackfruit Per Kg
$12.50 per kg
Hty Mooncake Egg Redbean 2pk
$12.30 each
Hty Mooncake Egg Lotus 2pk
$12.30 each
Green Mango-Sweet Per Kg
$12.00 per kg
Cj Bibigo Vegan Kimchi Jar 500g
$11.95 each
Cj Bibigo Kimchi Jar 500g
$11.95 each
Rj Mini Mooncake White Lotus 6pc
$11.50 each
Red Jade Mini Mooncake Mung Bean 6pc
$11.50 each
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