Processed Products

Osmile Mushroom Pork Balls 430g
$12.85 each
Laurel Fish Dumpling 108g
$6.30 each
Searoy Hot Pot Mix Ball 1kg
$21.60 each
Laurel Cuttlefish Dumpling 120g
$6.30 each
Dr Fish Cake 150+​150g
$5.15 each
Sunny Mixed Ball Plain 1kg
$17.80 each
Sunny Thai Fish Cake 1kg
$17.80 each
Ak Hot Pot Steamboat Mix 1kg
$19.20 each
Osmile Classic Pork Balls 430g
$12.85 each
Sunny Fish Ball 1kg
$16.95 each
Sunny Fish Tofu 1kg
$18.50 each
Wang Fish Cake Mix 1kg
$19.85 each
Wang Hot Dog Large 80gx7pc
$14.95 each
Achun Tempura Fish Cake Bulk 3kg
$38.50 each
Hokaido Corn Korokke 8pc
$8.75 each
Kibun Takebue Chikuwa 5pc
$4.50 each
Osmile Beef Balls 430g
$14.10 each
Pork Belly Chashu Slice 30g
was $4.50 $2.00 each
Spf Mushroom Pork Ball 500g
$14.20 each
Spf Stuffed Beef Ball 500g
$14.20 each
Spf Stuffed Pork Ball 500g
$14.20 each
Sunny Lobster Ball 500g
$9.30 each
Achun Tempura Fish Cake 300g
was $5.50 $4.50 each
Chicken Katsu 140g 2pc
$9.95 each
Cj Fish Cake Assorted 856g
$14.25 each
Cj Samho Fish Cake Square 550g
$8.80 each
Dr Crab Meat Stick 300g
$5.75 each
Dr Fish Cake 1kg
$15.50 each
Dr Fish Cake For Soup 300g*​2
$11.65 each
Dr Mix Fish Cake 1kg
$16.85 each
Emerald Fishball/​Roe 500g
$16.50 each
Fish Cream Drop 250g
$7.95 each
Hbw Egg Dumpling 150g
$3.80 each
Hbw Prawn Dumpling 150g
$6.85 each
Hokkaido Kani Cream Korokke 10pc
$11.95 each
Ig Seasoned Slice Radish 350g
$6.15 each
Js Cuttlefish Ball 500g
$13.50 each
Js Fish Tofu With Cheese 500g
$13.85 each
Js Rice Cake With Cheese 500g
$9.45 each
Kibun Naruto Maki 160g
$4.85 each
Mw Frz Black Rice Steam Bun 250g
$5.65 each
Ozaki Sakekasu Sake Lees 200g
was $8.95 $1.00 each
Shut Up N Eat Tteokbokki Crazy Hot
$21.00 each
Spf Beef Tendon Ball 500g
$14.20 each
Spf Crispy Cheese Sausage 500g
$16.30 each
Spf Stuffed Fish Ball 400g
$12.95 each
Sr Seasoned Garlic Stem 200g
$11.00 each
Sr Seasoned Small Crab 200g
$9.25 each
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