Gawler Boil Chicken
$7.15 each
Fs Baby Clam Meat 500g
$10.60 each
Frozen White Corn Per Kg
$8.15 per kg
Frozen Pork Feet Per Kg
$7.50 per kg
Fish Cream Drop 250g
$7.95 each
Emerald Fishball/​Roe 500g
$16.50 each
Egg Tart Portugees 416g
$8.50 each
Dw Tradional Rice Cake Sp 315g
$10.30 each
Dw Tradional Rice Cake Mosi 450g
$13.50 each
Duroyal Ice Cone Brown Sugar Milk 4pk
$18.95 each
Duroyal Ice Bar Green Mango 82gx5pk
$14.50 each
Duroyal Ice Bar Crunch Pineappl 78gx5pk
$14.50 each
Dried Shrimp Medium Thai 100g
was $12.50 $10.00 each
Dr Mix Fish Cake 1kg
$16.85 each
Dr Fish Shaped Traditio Bun 400g
$19.95 each
Dr Fish Cake For Soup 300g*​2
$11.65 each
Dr Fish Cake 1kg
$15.50 each
Dr Fish Cake 150+​150g
$5.15 each
Dr Crab Meat Stick 300g
$5.75 each
Dasheng Ice Cup Strawberry 92g
$3.95 each
Dasheng Ice Cup Matcha 92g
$3.95 each
Daikyo Inari Beancurd 8x6cm 40pc
$16.00 each
Daiei Tobikko Flying Fish Roe 500g
$55.00 each
Daiei Tobikko Flying Fish Roe 130g
$17.95 each
Cy Sweet Red Bean Bun 450g
$8.45 each
Cream Daifuku Strawberry 60g
$4.25 each
Cream Daifuku Matcha 60g
$4.25 each
Crd Traditional Cookie 320g
$8.75 each
Cooked Pork Stomach /​Kg
$13.50 per kg
Coin Pancake - Red Bean 130g
$7.15 each
Coin Pancake - Custard 130g
$7.15 each
Coin Pancake - Corncheese 130g
$7.15 each
Cj Vegtable Cake 85g*​3pcs
$5.55 each
Cj Samho Fish Cake Square 550g
$8.80 each
Cj Fish Cake Assorted 856g
$14.25 each
Chicken Katsu 140g 2pc
$9.95 each
Chicken Gizzard Per Kg
$8.95 per kg
Chicken Feet Vaccum Bag /​Kg
$7.95 per kg
Chicken Feet 15kg Box
$112.50 each
Charming Spicy Wonton 9pc
$10.95 each
Bp Mini Tiramisu Cake 2pcs
$8.50 each
Bp Mini Green Tea Mousse 2pc
$10.50 each
Beef Tendon Random Per Kg
$35.95 per kg
Beef Omasum Bleached Per Kg
$21.95 per kg
Bear Milk Choco Ice Bar 6pc
$16.00 each
Beancurd Parcel Doubao 500g
$9.95 each
BBQ Pork Bun
$4.00 each
$18.80 per kg
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