Soup Stocks

Shimaya Dashi No Mo To 2*​500g
$32.45 each
Xlk Instant Hot Pot Spicy Beef 398g
$18.95 each
Xlk Inst Hot Pot Tomato 245g
$18.95 each
Cj Chicken Soup Samgyetang 800g
$18.95 each
Ajs Spicy Duck Blood Can 800g
was $21.50 $13.95 each
Ajs Duck Blood&​Pig Intestine800g
was $21.50 $13.95 each
Royco Beef Powder 1kg
$12.75 each
Qx Yingyang Hot Pot Base 90gx4pc
$12.50 each
Kaisi Angelica Slice 85g
$12.50 each
Kaisi Coughing Sichuan Fritillaria 50g
$11.95 each
Dfd Mushroom W Rice 256g
$11.75 each
Dfd Curry Pork Bibimbap 320g
$11.75 each
Xiaolongkan Ying Yang Hot Pot Paste 4pcx320g
$9.90 each
Cj Soybean Paste For Stew 450g
$9.65 each
Mutenka Miso Koji 750g
$9.50 each
Mutenka Miso Inaka 750g
$9.50 each
Xlk Instant Hot Pot Mix Spicy 280g
$8.95 each
Xlk Instant Hot Pot Hot&​Spicy 245g
$8.95 each
Cj Soybean Paste 1kg
$8.95 each
Little Sheep Dry Hot Pot Base Spicy 235g
$8.40 each
Marukome Pro Shiro Miso Gluten Free 1kg
$8.25 each
Marukome Pro Aka Red Miso Gluten Fre 1kg
$8.25 each
Xiaolongkan Beef Tallow Hot Pot 198g
$7.50 each
Mutenka Dashi Katsuo 14pc
$7.45 each
Chong Qing Hot Pot Base 300g
$7.25 each
Tomax Herbal Mix For Stew Pork 50g
$7.20 each
Porkwan Laksa Paste 454g
$7.00 each
Kaisi Chinese Soup Mix 100g
$6.85 each
Kl 4 Spirits Soup 120g
$6.75 each
Yj Gold Sour Fish Soup Seasoning 110g
$6.65 each
Porkwan Tom Yum Paste 454g
$6.65 each
Lee Vegetable Broth 227g
$6.55 each
Kl Shiquan Da Bu Tang100g
$6.50 each
Sempio Soy Sauce For Soup 860ml
$6.35 each
Jia Jia Le Bak Kut Teh 36g
$6.30 each
Lee Wonton Soup Base 227g
$6.15 each
Lee Pork Flavour Broth 227g
$6.15 each
Lee Chicken Broth Mix 227g
$6.15 each
Jyo Green Onion Teabag For Soup 10gx10p
was $11.20 $6.00 each
Marukome Miso Soup Fried Tofu 8pk
$5.95 each
Marukome Instant Miso Tofu 8pc
$5.95 each
Kl Wine Chicken Herb Soup 100g
$5.95 each
Kl Herb Pork Soup 100g
$5.95 each
Kl Ginseng Chicken Mix 100g
$5.95 each
Kl Ginger Duck Herbal Mix 100g
$5.95 each
Hi Cold Ndl Soup Base Beef 5s
$5.95 each
Hdl Hot Pot Base Spicy 220g
$5.95 each
Hdl Hot Pot Base Original 110g
$5.95 each
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