Bamboo Tree Bun Tuoi Rice Vermiceli 908g
$8.10 each
Bamboo Tree Bun Tuoi Rice Vermiceli 400g
$3.80 each
Dragon Bean Vermicelli 10x40g
$7.60 each
關​廟麵 Db Kuan Miau Noodle Thin 1.​2kg
$11.95 each
Js Udon Noodle 200gx4pk
$4.80 each
$7.40 each
Ocha Pad Thai Stick 1mm 375g
$2.50 each
Sukina Japanese Noodle 1.​36kg
$12.75 each
Sun Jiangxi Rice Vermicelli-Large 400g
$2.20 each
Sun Jiangxi Vermicelli (​Xl) 400g
$2.20 each
Txh Claypot Potato Noodle 327g
$4.25 each
Hl Sour&​Spicy Shirataki 329g
$5.15 each
Akagi Dry Soba Noodle 270g
$3.95 each
Akagi Dry Somen Noodle 270g
$3.90 each
Akagi Dry Udon Noodle 270g
$3.90 each
BAIJIA AKUAN BUCKWHEAT SOUR&​HOT 125G 白​家阿​寬 蕎​麥麵​皮 四​川酸​辣味
$3.50 each
Bamaboo Tree Banh Pho (​L) 5mm 400g
$3.55 each
Bamboo Tree Banh Pho (​Xl) 10mm 400g
$3.55 each
Bamboo Tree Fine Rice Noodle Pandan 340g
$3.95 each
Bamboo Tree Fine Rice Vermicelli 340g
$3.85 each
Chef Lo Restaurant Noodle 2kg
$13.30 each
Ck Hong Kong Fried Noodles 2x100g
$5.95 each
Db Knife Cut Noodle 900g
$11.80 each
Dfthin Egg Ndl Seafood 4p
$6.60 each
Dfthin Thin Ndl Seafood 4p
$6.60 each
Great Harvest Restaurant Noodle 2kg
$14.25 each
Hdl Tomato Instant Noddle 170g
$3.65 each
Hk Shirataki 330g
$2.70 each
Hot & Sour Potato Noodle 102g
$3.95 each
Hsin Tung Yang Knife Cut Noodle 900g
$11.25 each
Hty Hsin Tsu Rice Vermicelli 300g
$3.95 each
Huangzu Bean Vermicelli 50g*​8pk
$4.50 each
Hxj Duck Blood Vermicelli 309g
was $8.85 $6.00 each
Itsuki Ramen Tonkotsu 2pc
$7.85 each
J-*​Basket Japanese Ramen 720g
$9.25 each
J-Basket Green Tea Soba Noodle 640g
$9.95 each
Kajino 100% Soba Noodle 200g
$9.95 each
Kcm Buckwheat Noodle Chilli Oil 102g
$2.15 each
Kcm Buckwheat Noodle Sesame 120g
$2.15 each
Kogane Konnyaku Black Yam 280g
$3.30 each
LBW RICE NOODLE SPICY 315G 螺​霸王​麻辣​螺狮​粉
$7.60 each
Lbw Rice Noodle Tomoto 306g
$7.40 each
Lcf Fresh Cold Noodle 450g
$6.80 each
Lucky Longkou Bean Vermercilli 50gx8pk
$4.50 each
Lucky Pearl Bean Vermicelli 500g
$4.20 each
Ml Hot Pot Vermicelli 350g
$4.50 each
Mong Lee Shang Taiwan Somen 600g
$7.95 each
Ng Fine Rice Vermicelli (​S) 300g
$2.60 each
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