Golden Voyage Water Bamboo 350g
was $3.95 $2.00 each
Gong Roasted Chestnut 1k
$21.50 each
Gp Cornfed Poulet Chicken 1.​2kg
$35.00 each
Gp Cornfed Roosters 1.​3k
$35.00 each
Gv Cooked Clam 500g
$7.65 each
Hakka Fried Tofu Puffs 1k
$26.85 each
Hk Style Vegetarian Radish Cake 1kg
$11.95 each
Hk Style Vegetarian Taro Cake 1kg
$11.95 each
Hokkaido Kani Cream Korokke 10pc
$11.95 each
Hokkaido Soft Ice Cream 180ml
$5.60 each
Honeycomb Raw Beef Tripe /​Kg
$25.30 per kg
Hong Kong Dim Sim Kitchen Dim Sim 12pk 550gm
$10.95 each
Imuraya Matcha Choco Monaka Wafer 150ml
$5.60 each
Imuraya Strawberry Choco Monaka 150ml
$5.60 each
Jb Frz Slice Lotus Root 3mm 400g
$5.65 each
Jfc Gwa Bao Large 50g*​20p
$19.95 each
Js Bamboo Shoot 400g
$5.15 each
Js BBQ Pork Bun 450g
$13.50 each
Js Chinese Yam Frozen 500g
$10.95 each
Js Chinese Yam Slice 400g
$7.25 each
Js Chinese Yam Sticks 500g
$8.15 each
Js Classic Pork Bun 4pc
$8.00 each
Js Crab Seafood Stick 1k
$12.50 each
Js Dried Shrimp Skin 150g
$6.30 each
Js Edamame 400g
$3.35 each
Js Fish Tofu With Cheese 500g
$13.50 each
Js Frozen Chinese Spinach 250g
$3.30 each
Js Frozen Taro Slice 800g
$12.75 each
Js Frozen Tofu 500g
$6.85 each
Js Lotus Root Slice 400g
$3.70 each
Js Pork Cabbage Dumpling 500g
$8.85 each
Js Pork Chives Dumplings 500g
$8.85 each
Js Pork Prawan Dumpl 500g
$8.85 each
Js Pork Spinach Dumpling 500g
$8.85 each
Js Rice Cake With Cheese 500g
$9.45 each
Js Soyabean No Shell 400g
$3.40 each
Js Wakame Seaweed Salad 1k
$15.95 each
Jw Salted Krill Shrimp Jar 500g
$14.50 each
Jy Instant Tapioca Bwn Sugar 6pc
was $11.90 $2.00 each
Kibun Hanpen Fishcake 60g
$2.00 each
Kibun Naruto Maki 160g
$4.85 each
King Squid Tentacles 30/​50 700g
$18.00 each
King Xiao Long Bao 600g
$10.95 each
Lamayong Vegan Mushroom Steak 600g
$17.50 each
Lamyong Crispy Soy Slice 600g
$18.00 each
Lamyong Marinated Mushroom Stick 600g
$19.95 each
Lamyong Vegan Calamari 600g
$22.00 each
Lamyong Vegan Char Siew Bun 400gx6pc
$15.95 each
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