Vedan Vegetarian Bah Kut Tea Noodle 5pk
$8.25 each
Vifon Bean Thread Crab 50g
$2.35 each
Xingfa Sweet Potato Noodle 288g
$4.50 each
Hl Sour&​Spicy Shirataki 329g
$5.15 each
Acecook Ramen Shoyu Chicken 90g
$1.80 each
Akagi Dry Soba Noodle 270g
$3.95 each
Akagi Dry Somen Noodle 270g
$3.90 each
Atoombulan Noodle Plain 200g
$2.20 each
Baijia Akuan Buckwheat Sour&​Hot 125g
$3.50 each
Baijia Mustard Vermicelli 110g
$2.35 each
Bamaboo Tree Banh Pho (​L) 5mm 400g
$3.55 each
Bamboo Tree Banh Pho (​M) 3mm 400g
$3.55 each
Bamboo Tree Banh Pho (​Xl) 10mm 400g
$3.55 each
Bamboo Tree Fine Rice Vermicelli 340g
$3.85 each
Bl Fried Kwetiaw Goreng 67g
$1.45 each
Cintan Instant Asam Laksa 76gx5pk
$7.50 each
Ck Hong Kong Fried Noodles 2x100g
$5.95 each
Cung Dinh Dyr Noodle Salted Egg 90gx4pk
$6.75 each
Cung Dinh Hu Tieu Nam Vang 78gx5pk
$7.50 each
Cung Dinh Pho Beef Bowl 70g
$2.25 each
Cung Dinh Pho Ga Chicken 70gx5pk
$7.50 each
Cung Dinh Pho Ga Chicken Bowl 70g
$2.25 each
Db Knife Cut Noodle 900g
$11.80 each
Dfthin Egg Ndl Seafood 4p
$6.60 each
Dfthin Thin Ndl Seafood 4p
$6.60 each
Fmf Chow Noodle Tomato 85gx5pk
$4.90 each
Fu Chung Village Dry Noodle With Spicy Sichuan Pepper & Vinegar 110g*​4packs
$18.80 each
Ginding Cup Cuanki Express 35g
$3.95 each
Higashimaru Tonkotsu Ramen 78.​5gx5pk
$6.60 each
Hot & Sour Potato Noodle 102g
$3.95 each
Hr Konjac Noodle Knot 220g
$2.75 each
Hty Hsin Tsu Rice Vermicelli 300g
$3.95 each
Huanglong Sweet Potato Vermicelli 240g
$2.70 each
Huangzu Bean Vermicelli 50g*​8pk
$4.50 each
Ichiban Beef Satay Bowl 200g
$6.60 each
Ina Pan Mee Malacca Nyonya Laksa
$9.75 each
Ina Pan Mee Prawn Noodle 5pk
was $9.75 $6.95 each
Itsuki Ramen Tonkotsu 2pc
$7.85 each
J-*​Basket Japanese Ramen 720g
$9.25 each
J-Basket Frozen Sanuki Udon 5pc 1kg
$9.50 each
J-Basket Green Tea Soba Noodle 640g
$9.95 each
Kajino 100% Soba Noodle 200g
$9.95 each
Kcm Buckwheat Noodle Chilli Oil 102g
$2.15 each
Kcm Buckwheat Noodle Sesame 120g
$2.15 each
Korea Food Rice Cake Sliced 500g
$4.95 each
Lbw Rice Noodle With Sauce 310g
$5.50 each
Lcf Fresh Cold Noodle 450g
$6.80 each
Lion Rice Stick 3mm 375g
$2.20 each
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